- artist, photographer and ceramicist

noughtie mixes from the Hatmeister DJ

(mixes around an hour long - contact me if you have problems downloading or want to compliment me)


Disco2 (remix)

house classics from the '80s and '90s


the Hyde to FunkyTwo's Jekyll


or perhaps this is Dr Jekyll?

(songs from the early ‘80s dance floor)



All's Fair ...

reflections upon the experiences of his parents
by a ‘baby boomer’ who ‘never had it so good’

(toons from the ‘40s - big band to boogie)

Xmas 2003









nostalgia for the 'baby-boomer'


Xmas 2002

a whiter shade of pale


Xmas 2004

'probably the best mix in the world'


Xmas 2006 (Tugo Sam mix)



Strictly Vinyl (Xmas 2008)

a compressed 'Music for Movement' disco from 1981-82
(the first incarnation of the Hatmeister



probably 2001 - a 'fin de siecle' thing,
inspired by long drives across Europe



Badlands (2010)

partly hommage to John Peel (RIP)

partly beauty from the edge of the known universe

(for Janez)